Map of the injuries sustained outside of the library at Columbine

A response to a St Martin’s Short Course Brief. I’m planning to experiment more with mapping tragedies. It’s interesting how in media reporting these tragic deaths can be reduced to just lists of names, or in this case, coloured dots – yet that these lists and dots can carry such weight.


Tonic Magazine Illustrations

Dumping people of facebook is lame because you can't smell their tears

This camera angle is boring.

Feed the stalkers, fill our your profile information.

Finally done with these facebook illustrations. Now I’m going to the zoo.

Ber + Lin

This was supposed to be a break from the other stuff, ended up spending the whole day on it. I think the dude is a Walrus and the girl has a tail for some reason. For Leah’s Birthday.


Isowould blowme

Fourth. Today has been a slow day for colouring, but a fast one for sketching. Having a fake name on facebook is so bold. But there’s far too many Heywould Jablowmes for me to believe that anybody in the faceoffices actually cares.


stalk stalk stalk

Third – about staaaalking people. Although, isn’t that the whole point of facebook? I originally set mine up because I thought this person I liked wouldn’t think I was cool if I didn’t have one. I wasn’t even a teenager. They still don’t think I’m cool.


like like like

Number 2. It’s actually number 5, but I decided to colour it second. I have 69 likes on facebook, just like the sex thing! LOL!


poke poke poke

Illustration (one of seven) for an article for Tonic magazine on facebook. I get a lot of pokes on facebook. This means I am cool.